Loelle Argan Oil 100ml ECO Pump

Loelle Argan Oil 100ml ECO Pump

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"Loelle Argan Oil is the ultimate oil for care and protection of skin, hair and cuticles. Through its high Vitamin-E content, Argan Oil protects the skin from harmful environmental effects and aging. The included antioxidants protect, strengthen and purify the connective tissue. The oil makes callused skin smoother and helps protect itching and irritated skin. Argan Oil also acts as a light sunscreen.

Use Loelle Argan Oil in your daily skin care routine, after the shower, apply on feet and hands, as hair treatment, before styling your hair (heat protection), anti-frizz, before and after sun.

Key Ingredients: certified organic Argan Oil

Key Benefits skin: Improves skin hydration by strengthening barrier function, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory

Key Benefits Hair: Argan oil is a popular hair oil that provides shine and care for dry, damaged and volatile hair. Provides vitamins and locks in moisture in hair.

Key Benefits scalp: Relieve dandruff, inflammation, or general itch."

At a glance

Argan oil is a semi dry oil. Rich in palmitic acid, omega 6 and 9, is also rich in antioxidant vitamin E and unique phytosterols that improves dry, damaged and mature skin conditions. Also contains squalane and polyphenols. Research have shown that argan oil - when used over time - improves skin hydration by improving the barrier function of the skin.

Obtain maximum results by combining with:
Dry oils that are rich in omega 3, such as:
Raspberry Seed Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Rosehip seed Oil

Moisturizing agents:
Linoleic acid (Omega 6), squalene

Ideal for these Concerns:
Dull, damaged, inflamated & prematurely aged skin

Ideal for these Skin Types:
Acne Prone Skin, Dry Skin, Mature Skin, Normal Skin

Certified organic, cold pressed, hand made by women’s cooperative

Application Area:
Hair, Face, Body, Cuticle

How to use it

Use on hair: Small amount on hair ends. Can be massaged in on scalp, over night before washing hair next day to achieve softness and avoid dry texture.

Use on skin: After cleansing and toner use a small amount over entire face, neck and décolletage. Can be applied all over body, especially on areas that needs extra care.


Argania (ArganOil) Spinosa


Number of items in package:

Number of pieces in package:

Alcohol free:

Anti wrinkle:

Dermatologically tested:



Skin problem:
Acne, Eczema, Dull Skin, Dry Skin, Itchy Skin, Sun spot Prematurely aged skin

Skin type:
All skin Types

Moist locking, Moist binding


100 ml

Content per dispenser:
100 ml

193 g

With scrub:

Natural ingredients:
All. Argania spiNosa kernel (Argan) oil

Fragrance free:

Product language:

Leaflet language:



pH neutral:

Watch our story


Best tips for a soft and beautiful winter

Loelle's organic skincare therapist, Kajsa Bodin, helps you with how you can take care of your skin. 

Now that we enter the colder seasons, humidity is dropping both outside and indoors and we spend more time indoors which makes the skin drier. When the skin is dry, it becomes more sensitive and frail and it is easy to get irritations and eczema in the skin. But with a few simple everyday routines allow you to keep your skin soft and comfortable this winter.


Prevent dehydration by lubricating the skin regularly. Use natural and organic oils that have the properties to reduce waterloss from skin surface and refill with omega fatty acids.

Most vulnerable areas are face and hands. Grease and massage your hands with Argan Oil then you prevent self-cracks and narity and offer nails and cuticles a nutritional injection.

For your face you may need a slightly more powerful and particularly nourishing moisturizer and supplement for which organic Almond Oil would be an optimal moisturizer. It also provides extra nutrition and helps dry skin with elasticity.

Moisturize from within

For the skin to feel good, nutrition and "lubrication" are also needed from within. Omega-fats, especially omega 3, are a good dietary supplement for the skin, not least in winter. Don’t forget the intake of liquids which add extra moisture from within. Drink water, eat liquid food like smoothies and soups.


Old skin cells should be removed from time to time to make room for new ones.

For the body Loelle's Moroccan Black Soap is marvelous, it dissolves dirt and old skin cells so that they can be easily removed during a smooth scrub with Loelle’s Scrub Glove.

Vegetable oils

If you are going out in sub-zero temperatures, it is wise to avoid water-based skin care products in the morning, the risk of vascular stretch marks (cuperoses) in thinner skin parts (nose, cheeks) are more important when we use water-based products, also the risk of freezing on the skin.

Instead, use vegetable oils that are quickly absorbed by the skin and does not freeze, but instead have the ability to encapsulate the moisture and act as a protective barrier from external stresses such as cold.

A lovely body oil, such as Jojoba Oil or Almond Oil is also nice to lubricate yourself with after bath and shower. Everyday luxury that makes a Difference!

Wash just right

A regular soap raises the pHvalue, wipes out the skin and makes it more sensitive. Rather use a soft vegetable soap adapted for sensitive skin, eg Loelle’s Olive Soap or Rose Soap.

You can also use Almond- and Jojoba Oil in the shower, with the assistance of a sponge remove dirt efficiently and the skin remains soft and len. Avoid washing your face in the morning when it's cold.

Moisturize from outside

The winter skin is well felt by an extra moisturizer during the day. Many of us staying in dry indoor air, perhaps close to computer screens, strong lighting or other things that make the air extra dry.

You can then moisturize the skin during the day with a moisturizing facial. Make sure it doesn't contain alcohol only, which can dry out further. Loelles pH balancing and price-winning Rose Water or Neroli Water are highly recommended.

Remember your lips

The lips get drier in winter. Anticipate and moisturize with an oil. Avoid mineral oils, such as paraffin oil that easily creates a lubrication addiction. You can also peel your lips if they've become dry, it'll start circulation and removes dry skin.

For peeling the lips, I recommend a homemade variant containing optional base oil, such as Jojoba Oil, and granulated sugar that may act as peeling grains; Voila! You've got velvety lips again.

Frisy, electric and dry winter hair?

Our luxurious Hair Oil is absolutely fantastic to work with and te be applied in wet hair after washing. Hair oil effectively encapsulates the moisture into the hair without it being weighed down or looking greasy. You'll feel incredible difference in hair texture! It can also be used to prevent a moisture loss at e.g. styling with heat.

Other oils can also do wonders in a dry winter hair. Add a few drops of Jojoba Oil in your shampoo when shampooing or taking some drops in the hairtips after washing. If you have dry scalp and/or dry hair, even a scalp- and hair wrap with Jojoba Oil do wonders!



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